Gimme more of that funky stuff: @Jenauxmusic meets @BrynChristopher for “I Want Your Love”

JENAUX featuring BRYN CHRISTOPHER, “I Want Your Love”

NYC producer/DJ Jenaux continues the wild ride he’s been on throughout 2016 with his funk-laced EDM with “I Want Your Love”.  It’s his debut release for none other than the Ministry of Sound label, and is a collaboration with UK singer/songwriter Bryn Christopher (otherwise known these days as a member of EDM group I See Monstas).  It’s a straight-forward but powerful record, bridging Jenaux’s US funk sound with British soul/house.  Like with his last original release “Get It On”, he uses a fierce chopped up high pitched vocal to excellent, easily recognizable effect.  After his recent collaboration with Tritonal for “Broken” (featuring Adam Lambert) and remixes for Gramatik, The Chainsmokers and a number of other A-list EDM talent this year, Jenaux will continue on roller skates touring and releasing new songs as the rest of the world discovers his genuinely appealing, stand out take on dance music.  Check out “I Want Your Love” at the link above.

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“No More Love Songs” puts @BrandonSkeie’s versatile voice on display

BRANDON SKEIE, “No More Love Songs”

“No More Love Songs” is the follow-up single to Brandon Skeie’s brilliant “So Bad” from this past Spring, which is one of my most favourite songs of 2016.  “No More Love Songs” doesn’t resonate as quickly perhaps, though it is handsome textbook songwriting.  The star here is Brandon’s versatile, far-reaching voice, which we also heard in “Pulse”, a song that he and Eli Lieb recorded after the Orlando murders.  He can pretty much sing anything and will slide easily between pop and EDM/dance genres.  “No More Love Songs” swoops and swirls and is big or quiet in all the right places.  Check it out at the link above and pick it up on your favourite digital platform.

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Sophisticated fun: @CallieReiff remixes @SofiTukker’s “Déjà Vu Affair”

SOFI TUKKER, “Déjà Vu Affair” (Callie Reiff remix)

I’m always happy to write about the talented duo Sofi Tukker, who have come a long way since that infectious Portuguese-language club hit “Drinkee” was released about a year ago.  Starting as protégés of The Knocks, they later released their EP Soft Animals via the Ultra label and have been touring steadily ever since.  NYC producer/DJ Callie Reiff lends her sophisticated layered backdrop to “Déjà Vu Affair”, a track from that EP, which is so instantly complimentary to the duo’s catchy vibe.  It’s an equally infectious spin that keeps the bounce of the original but more in the deep house vein.  So it’s all here for dance clubs to embrace… check it out above and download the remix for free.


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Live forever: @runCryWolf shines with progressive, languid electronica “Quantum Immortality”

CRYWOLF, “Quantum Immortality”

“Quantum Immortality” is the kind of song title that belongs as part of a sci-fi movie, and actually this new single by L.A.-based performer Crywolf would totally suit that artistic environment.  Drawing from influences like Crystal Castles and Flume while stylistically falling into similar musical trappings as M83, James Blake, and Porter Robinson, Crywolf (aka Justin Phillips) packs a lot of content and flair into his songs that sustain them till they finish.  “Quantum Immortality” may not be for everyone, but its theme is universal and the melody moves along a lot like classical pieces at times.  But it wouldn’t be convincing without his far-reaching vocal, which I first heard earlier this year through Bronze Whale’s remix of the heartfelt “Slow Burn” (from his recent album Cataclasm).  Crywolf has been gaining more momentum over the past few years, currently wrapping up a recent multi-city tour, and I think his profile will continue to gleam with songs like this.  “Quantum Immortality” is for late nights when you want to ponder life sitting under the stars.  Check it out at the above link.


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“Constant Crush” by @Verite unravels into a potent @weareAnden deep house mix

VÉRITÉ, “Constant Crush” (Anden remix)

NYC brothers and producers/DJs Anden follow up their stellar remixes of Great Good Fine OK’s “Always” and “Undertow” by Satchmode with a rich and potent remix of immensely talented NYC alternative vocalist Vérité’s “Constant Crush”, which in its original version appears in her recent EP Living. Vérité’s music is deep and full of conviction, and has a lot of edge in concert.  Sometimes her songs are a matter of taste and not always suited to a dance beat.  “Constant Crush” though completely basks in the deep house setting provided by Anden, while retaining enough flavour to keep her alt.rock fans engaged.  Plenty of layers of busy instrumentation plus a relentless rhythm are here for your attention, and some simple-sounding vocal effects near the end help “Constant Crush” to a memorable end.  Download it for free at the link above.

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Get that party started: “The Thirst” by @EricSharp featuring @ZhaoKennyZhao

ERIC SHARP featuring ZHAO, “The Thirst”

If you want to put some punch into that deep house mix then “The Thirst” by producer/DJ Eric Sharp featuring Zhao, who both hail from L.A., is your party-starter.  From its first note “The Thirst” does not let up, recalling late 80’s house at the height of its infectious initial heyday.  It’s married with some late 90’s Daft Punk guitar riffing and a next-level vocal by Zhao that fuels the rhythm.  Kudos to The Disco Fries for believing in this one for release on their Liftoff label.  “The Thirst” will leave you wanting more.  It’s one of those unique records very deserving of a big push from club DJ’s.  Give it a listen at the link above and let the groove take over!

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Slay your own dragon: “Balmung” by @Alexandrius_ and @DJMirkoB


“Balmung” is the stuff of Nordic legends, a sword used to kill a dragon.  So if you’re going to use imagery like this to be the face of your EDM instrumental, it had better be over-the-top.  And “Balmung” by Italian producers/DJs Alexandrius and DJ Mirko B is just that, it is out to slay you and make you react instantly on the dance floor.  It’s fist-pumping, floor stomping, battlefield-dirty electronica that can only be borne out of Europe.  It simply does not let up, a real crowd-pleaser among many solid instrumentals that have arrived in 2016.  While you can only preview “Balmung” at the link above, it’s well worth the trip to Beatport or your favourite digital store to pick it up.

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#BILLCSTop 30 #494 – October 17/16

It’s another jam-packed chart full of activity, all of which I won’t be able to write about.  And there’s a new #1 too!!

The Top 10

  • It waited until “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey ran its course, but the new #1 song is “Native Son Prequel” by Gramatik featuring Leo Napier in a Jenaux remix.  Everything about this song is so cool, from the lyrics and vocals through to the remix.  The craziest and funkiest song to reach the summit here in a long time🙂
  • Right behind “Native Son Prequel” is “Balance” by The Him (3-2), who are currently having a blast opening for The Chainsmokers on their European tour.  The guys have some potent new material on the way too.  Can “Balance” get to #1 in two weeks?  You’ll have to wait on that one!
  • Rounding out such an impressive Top 3 is the Two Friends remix of “Lights Down Low” by MAX (Schneider) moving 5-3.  A new version of “Lights Down Low” arrived the other day featuring the red-hot Gnash!
  • “We Don’t Talk Anymore” lands in the Top 5 for Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez.  If he’s well enough after a bout of illness that has seen him cancel some tour dates, I will be checking out Charlie Puth’s show on Tuesday October 18 evening.  Looking forward to hearing what he offers in concert!  Meanwhile give a listen to the DROELOE remix above.
  • New arrivals to the Top 10:  The bouncy europop bliss of “High” by Jesper Jenset in a Young Bombs remix (above) climbing 15-8; a powerhouse crowd-pleaser “Born Ready” by The Disco Fries featuring Hope Murphy, up 11-9; and eclectic EDM ballad “Stay” by Toronto’s Chet Porter featuring Chelsea Cutler, rising 14-10 (below).

Movin’ On Up

  • On the way to the Top 10, Steve James and RKCB have a surprisingly enduring EDM track with “In My Head”, still climbing 16-11.
  • The fastest riser on the chart belongs to Elephante featuring Brandyn Burnette for the beautifully thoughtful “Plans”, from the EP I Am The Elephante, which will follow Elephante’s “Closer” into the Top 10 as it rises 23-13!

  • The ever-ear-catching “Luminary” by NYC trio Liquid Diet continues to climb, moving 20-17.  Watch the tantalizing video above!

  • I suppose The Weeknd is bound to have his detractors now, but I’m looking forward to hearing his album Starboy when it is released at the end of the month.  Follow up single “False Alarm” should land on this chart soon, but “Starboy”, featuring Daft Punk, is off to a great start, leaping 24-18.
  • The unassuming but real earworm that is the sax-y instrumental “Vague” by Austria’s Fabian Luttenberger, in a Stan Sax remix, rises 28-21.
  • NYC duo Anden have a winning remix great for a late night drive with L.A. group Satchmode’s “Undertow”, which moves up 27-23.

A Pair of Debuts

  • L.A. producer/DJ Cole Plante lands on the chart for the first time with a cover of one of my favourite songs of all-time, Womack & Womack’s “Teardrops” at #27.  It’s no longer a duet, edited lyrically to be a club jam with a rousing, soulful vocal by Bobi.  It’s also become another Billboard Club Play Top 20 hit thus far for Cole, following his #1 from a few years back called “Lie To Me” when he was only 17!
  • NYC singer/songwriter Stefan Alexander has the other debut with “Skeleton” at #28.  Stefan marries a unique blend of progressive soul with dance music and a powerful vocal that may not strike you until a few listens later – it’s a real grower!   

View the full BILLCS Top 30 right here, and be sure to click on the photos to hear all of the songs.

Listen to the BILLCS Top 30 Songs on Spotify!  Click on this link to take you there, and follow me on Spotify:  BILLCS Top 30 Songs

Listen for me with my Pick of the Week at 2:20/6:20/10:20 AM/PM EST on most days Monday through Sunday, and my flashbacks to a Toronto Top 10 of yesteryear Tuesday at 9pm EST! :)

“D E E P in NY” is an amazing hip hop EDM rework by @BobbyNourmand featuring #DOC and #Goodmorning

BOBBY NOURMAND featuring D.O.C. and Goodmorning, “D E E P in NY” (free DL)

There’s no doubt in my mind that L.A.-based producer/DJ Bobby Nourmand is one of EDM’s most inventive talents who should break more ground with tracks like “D E E P in NY”.  It’s based on his previous release “D E E P”, which I wrote about a while back, a fan favourite which now receives this amazing transformation into a compelling mix of hip hop and EDM, featuring vocalists D.O.C. and Goodmorning.  While it retains mid-80’s house elements of the original, which also skew some British house flavour, this redux is highly cutting edge and will draw in fans of Drake, Bryson Tiller, Anderson.Paak and more – this is often an entirely different and younger audience, and they’ll just love it.  And aside from clubs embracing it – which should be easy🙂 – it could make for interesting late night radio fare too.  “D E E P in NY” is Bobby Nourmand at his creative best.  Download it for free above and you’ll be all smiles😀

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“Starboy” leaves the original @TheWeeknd #DaftPunk arrangement behind in fine cover by @officialKoni featuring @JohannesWebertv

KONI featuring JOHANNES WEBER, “Starboy” (free DL)

It takes a lot for me to write about a cover of a current favourite song of mine, I’m pretty selective, and solid variations of “Starboy” by The Weeknd featuring Daft Punk are hard to come by.  As with a number of his recent remixes and covers, Koni (who is one half of the duo Saxity – the other being Stan Sax) opts to pretty much leave the original arrangement of “Starboy” behind in favour of his own.  While some of the edge and depth of the original is missing, what makes this one a winner is the vocal by Johannes Weber.  He doesn’t try at all to be The Weeknd, and creates his own connection to the song, retaining some of the grittiness with his phrasing.  The production adds its own atmosphere and successfully creates an alternate version of “Starboy” that stands up on its own, and with almost 500K listens on Soundcloud, it’s obvious that fans of both The Weeknd and EDM feel the same.  Download it for free above and surprise your friends🙂

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