“Your Love” by @ENVmusic featuring @LittleNikkisays is an irresistible dance mover ‘n shaker

E.N.V featuring LITTLE NIKKI, “Your Love”

At a time in this year when some of the dance music coming out of the U.S. is starting to sound a tad stale, there is always Britain and the rest of the world to help kick up a storm.  “Your Love” is a rollicking, deft slice of straight-up British electrohouse by E.N.V featuring Little Nikki.  It rarely lets up and takes it up several notches beyond so much downtempo songs that are surfacing right now.  If you want your crowd to keep dancing without any crazy trap or dubstep effects, just add dance radio-worthy “Your Love” to the mix.  Check it out at the link above.

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“The 90’s” is brought to you by @AeroChord with a twist – or ten

AERO CHORD, “The 90’s”

Greek producer/remixer/DJ Aero Chord returns with something unexpected and totally on point instrumental called “The 90’s”.  He takes several futuristic twists and somehow marries it to some melodies that will definitely make you recall the last decade of the last century, and the one that keeps popping into my head is “Nightmare” by Brainbug, which was all over clubs in the last part of that decade.  So be prepared to slide back and forthfrom slick ’16 rhythms to retro techno and europop.  “The 90’s” is worth the trip back in time through your stereo speakers.  Listen at the link above.

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Enjoy this trippy trip: @FoxStevensonnow’s “Rocket”


British producer/DJ/remixer Fox Stevenson offers up a trippy dubstep instrumental called “Rocket” after making headway in the biz these last four years or so.  And yes it’s a perfect soundscape for anything up in outer space.  It has a deceptive lead up which bursts just before the minute mark, and then some right crazy melodies and a wash of synths leap out to render you helpless.  So with “Rocket” you’re on one heckuva musical carnival ride that you’ll enjoy visiting over and over.  Be sure to check it out at the link above.

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Dreamy “Young” is the debut original by @CosmosnCreature


Everyone is in the mood to reminisce at some point and Cosmos & Creature give you the springboard with their debut original “Young” from their upcoming release.  Nary a week goes by it seems that I don’t write about something by the prolific Brandyn Burnette and Molly Moore, but this is their side project to showcase and express their multidimensional talents.  Cosmos & Creature have already had notable success as featured artists in dance/EDM tracks by Vicetone (“Bright Side”, still my favourite so far), Lost Kings, and Sweekuh.  “Young” is a straight-forward alternative pop song that is quite radio-friendly.  The great thing with Cosmos & Creature is that all of Brandyn and Molly’s superb harmonies, creative production, and joint ideas now have the perfect outlet, ably supporting each’s very different solo releases.  Listen to “Young” at the link above.

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@Stint_ pumps up “Don’t Mind” by @KentJoneswtb into a huge #EDM anthem

KENT JONES, “Don’t Mind” (Stint remix)

A Canadian transplant via L.A., producer/remixer Stint emerges after working with the lines of Santigold and AlunaGeorge with a remix of the Top 10 hit “Don’t Mind” by Kent Jones.  It’s a song I’ve been familiar with for many months, and fortunately Stint’s mix will not only make your head turn, it will positively spin!  When Stint wants it to be big, he makes it huge, with walls of instrumentation (including his own drumming) and synths, so it will simply take over when played in a club.  But there’s much to be said about balance, and he retains a lot of the original which will make Kent fans very happy.  So even if you’re not a fan of the song, be prepared to be crushed and converted – check it out above.

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Strong house-flavoured pop from @Nik_Ernst and @musicNickPeters featuring Tammy Infusino @tammylicious “Give Me Back Tonight”

NIK ERNST & NICK PETERS featuring TAMMY INFUSINO, “Give Me Back Tonight”

There is always something to be said about dance/pop done right.  European producers/DJ’s Nik and Nick bring us just that with “Give Me Back Tonight” featuring dynamic vocalist and co-writer Tammy Infusino.  The guys really offer up a slick package with classic house flavours accenting what is really a solid pop record.  With an irresistible melody and been-there lyrics of longing and regret, there’s plenty to which you can move and groove.  Following Steve Void’s edit of “Stronger”, Nik Ernst is two-for-two.  Check out “Give Me Back Tonight” at the link above.

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Get lost in the big city with @missMollyMoore in “Imaginary Friends”

MOLLY MOORE, “Imaginary Friends”

The more I hear Molly Moore’s original songs, the more I resonate with them, even if I haven’t exactly faced the same situation, it’s all about the perspective.  Moving to a big city across the country is always a risk for what you leave behind, even in these days of social media where around the world can seem like next door.  But it’s real contact that we still all crave, and “Imaginary Friends” portrays the quiet and isolation and inner fighting that can occur.  A lot of the time it’s only temporary but it’s very real and like the other songs Molly’s previewed from her upcoming EP Now You See Me – I can’t get enough of “Just A Dream” right now – “Imaginary Friends” is a solid alternative electronic pop package created with by an ensemble including beau/co-writer/co-producer Brandyn Burnette.  “Imaginary Friends” lets your empathy cut through the sunny surroundings to reveal what’s inside.

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Go for it: @Rico&Miella team up with @TELYKast for “Worth Fighting For”

RICO & MIELLA x TELYKast, “Worth Fighting For”

The two rising pairs of performers/DJs/producers that are NYC’s Rico & Miella and L.A.’s TELYKast make an auspicious team with “Worth Fighting For”.  The song is definitely a grower and may take a few listens for it all to soak in.  Basically it’s about going for something that you want badly enough that you’ll defend it till the end.  The vocal interplay is appealing, and a wall of melodic high-powered synths create a memorable drop that will keep you coming back.  Yeah this one is downtempo, but quality and creativity here is everything.  “Worth Fighting For” goes by fairly quickly at just under 3 minutes and comes recommended!

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Seductively funky: “Meet Me” by @MickeyValenxy featuring #Noé

MICKEY VALEN featuring NOÉ, “Meet Me”

NYC’s Mickey Valen really mixes it up well for his latest release “Meet Me” featuring a seductive vocal by singer Noé.  What I like best about this one is the funky R&B/hip hop vibe – play it along side anything recent by Jenaux – that prevails throughout with some trippy trappy drops for those who enjoy.  It gets a little busy for me in that regard and to me there’s so much else that’s appealing going on in the rest of the song that the drops aren’t the focus.  “Meet Me” is a touch different which will only draw the best kind of attention so club DJ’s should be wise to give it some spin time.  Do check it out at the above link.

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Austin’s @Cloudchord is back with lush original instrumental “Golden XO”

CLOUDCHORD, “Golden XO” (free DL)

Cloudchord has dazzled tastemakers thus far in 2016 with a cornucopia of remixes of songs by the likes of Jamie xx and Ember Island, which I’ve written about, as well as by Of Monsters And Men, Bon Iver, and Matoma to name but a few.  The Austin producer/DJ is also a wicked guitarist, as we’ve already tasted in his remix of Ember Island’s “Need You”, and now his original instrumental “Golden XO” makes it the centre of attention amid a laid back, sexy mix for those special times (he refers to it as ‘pajama house’).  It’s slick and atmospheric and shouldn’t be overlooked because it’s an instrumental, only a taste of what’s still to come.  Download it for free at the above link.

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